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At the Sico Law Group, we know the risks that hard workers in the oil and gas industry face daily across the United States to provide for their families. Texas is the No. 1 energy production state with tens of thousands of employed workers from well sites in the rural West Texas Permian Basin area to the refineries and offshore drilling hands of the Gulf of Mexico. 

However, being the nation’s industry leader comes at a cost. With more work to be done can come more frequent accidental injuries out in the field. Too often in the oilfields, the safety of workers is not the employer’s top priority. As a result, serious injuries in the oilfield industry cost or destroy many workers and their livelihoods.


Types of injuries sustained in the Oilfield Industry:

You May Be Entitled to Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury at work due to someone else’s negligence or a product failure in the Oilfield Industry, you may be entitled to compensation. 

These Oilfield injuries often leave workers severely disabled or even take the lives of many dedicated hard workers. In the event of an injury or death, workers may be unable to work and provide for their families. All the while, injured employees and their families must face expensive medical treatment leaving them with a long list of medical bills, mental hardships, emotional stress, and feeling alone or desperate.

Pursuing compensation for you and your family during these challenging times can provide you with the medical care and income needed after an oilfield accident. An experience Oilfield Injury lawyer can go against the big oil and service companies to fully protect your rights. We will demand the maximum compensation on your behalf. 

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Common Oilfield Accidents in Texas

Long working hours and insufficient safety regulations put many oilfield workers at risk. Oil and service companies must protect their employees from dangerous working conditions. At Sico Law Group, we believe workers harmed in the service of employers deserve proper consideration. Our dedicated team of Oilfield Injury Attorneys has recovered compensation for injured employees throughout the workforce. 

We are proud to have successfully recovered millions of dollars of compensation for the families of the injured in oilfield accident settlements across the country.

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What Should I Do If I am Injured in an Oilfield Accident?

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries on the job site or while working in the oilfield, you may wonder what the first steps should be to ensure your compensation.

The statute of limitations prevents you from filing a lawsuit after a certain amount of time, so it is crucial to address the situation as early as possible. In Texas, the statute of limitations is (2) two years to file a personal injury case, oilfield work injury, or wrongful death lawsuit. Therefore, you must take action within (2) two years of the date of your incident.

Our Experienced Oilfield Accident Attorneys know that these dangerous accidents often result in debilitating and sometimes permanent injuries. Alternatively, even if your injuries are not immediately apparent at the time, seek a complete medical evaluation anyway. Be sure to follow all the steps outlined by your medical provider. The oilfield accident attorney will use all your records to connect your injuries to the initial accident.

We are proud to have successfully recovered millions of dollars of compensation for the families of the injured in oilfield accident settlements across the country.

How an Oilfield Injury Lawyer in Texas Can Help With Your Case

Without the help of a Texas personal injury attorney on your side after being injured in the oilfield, your employer, responsible third party company, your employer’s insurance company, and the defense attorney may try to:

When you have been unexpectedly injured in an oil industry-related accident, you may not know how to get the legal compensation you deserve for your injuries or damages.

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At the Sico Law Group, our experienced team of oilfield work accident attorneys can help you by:

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If you have been injured in an oilfield-related accident in Texas or elsewhere throughout the country, it is in your best interest to retain a firm with experience in the oil and gas industry. The Sico Law Group has that experience and is prepared to fight on your behalf and represent you and your loved ones through tough times.

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