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$301,040,000,000 $150,320,000,000 $124,536,737 $122,000,000 $42,716,001

Results $301,040,000,000 $150,320,000,000 $124,536,737 $122,000,000 $42,716,001

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The lawyers at the Sico Law Group are widely respected as some of the top trial lawyers around the country, amassing multiple multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients. As a talented and zealous trial advocates, the lawyers at the Sico Law Group use their successes in the courtroom to speak for those who have been harmed by the acts of others. Their unparalleled success in representing his clients, including many eight, nine, and ten-figure settlements and verdicts.The Lawyers at the Sico Law Group are board certified in personal injury trial law with experience in some of the largest, most challenging, and most complex Personal Injury cases to date. Recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and also containing members of The American Board of Trial Advocates, the team of injury attorneys at the Sico Law Group is second to none. With many successfully litigated commercial disputes toward corporations, partnerships, and individuals regarding bad faith insurance, breach of contract, oil/gas claims, and anti-trust litigation, Mr. Sico, the founder of the Sico Law Group, is a nationally recognized litigator. He has been admitted to practice before state and all federal courts in the Great State of Texas. In addition, he has been permitted to practice in over 28 additional states. Sico Law Group has the experience needed from handling many complex commercial vehicle and 18- wheeler trucking cases, workplace injury cases, product liability, and all other personal injury matters across the nation, including countless motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death. At the Sico Law Group, we are passionate about what we do for you, the injured, and your family after an unexpected injury. Treating our clients like family while helping you during these challenging times is extremely important to our team. The time and dedication in our work, on behalf of our clients, goes beyond the pursuit of just money. We want to help you through the most challenging times.

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Why has Craig M. Sico been so successful for so many years?

The Senior and Founding Attorney of the Sico Law Group has successfully litigated some of the most toughest personal injury cases to date. Craig M. Sico has gained the experience needed necessary from handling a wide variety of extremely technical and complex commercial 18-Wheeler trucking cases, oilfield workplace injuries, product liabilities, and many other personal injury matters across the nation along with car accidents and wrongful deaths.

For over three decades he has been well-rehearsed in what it takes to get the job done for all of our clients and this has made him a very well-known and trusted national recognized litigator.

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At the Sico Law Group, we have the experience needed necessary to handle a variety of common and major personal injury matters across the board. Here is just a few personal injury cases we handle below:


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Our personal injury attorneys are here to help victims and their families overcome the tough times after an accident. We make sure to do everything we can for our clients during the legal process. The team of injury lawyers at Sico Law Group are Available 24/7 to chat and answer any questions and concerns about your case. We are passionate about treating all of our clients like family to ensure a smooth injury recovery and compensation for you and your loved ones. Sico Law Group can provide the strong, knowledgeable representation you need in your corner after an unexpected unfortunate accident.

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